Monday, December 31, 2012

My desktop

Ok So my other tool of the trade that I use is my desktop that was built in early 2008. It took me a few months to get all the parts together because I was waiting for a special new CPU to come out before I built my new rig. IT was well worth the wait because the cpu on this desktop is a great brain to run this power. Let me tell you about it...

The Desktop is run by a 3.0 GHZ 8400 Intel Core 2 Duo CPU. It was one of the fastest Core 2 Duos put out before they came out with the Icores I waited for 2 weeks to get it because it was on back order. Meanwhile all the other parts were on my desk and waiting to be assembled. That included an MSI P7N Dimond Motherboard, 6GB of DDR2 Ram from
Crucial. I found a Mirrored Case with a door from CaseMate. This case is BIG but amazing. It has 2 filters in the front to capture all the dust. IT has about 7 fans but runs very quiet. It has great cooling and enough room to run cable organization through the back so the cables are tucked away from the motherboard to keep tangles down and airflow clear.

The video is run by an Nvdia 8800 GTS PCI E card.

I am running a Western Digital Black 1TB Drive for speed and space. I also have a desktop external Western Digital Drive as a backup that is 1TB as well.

This machine is running Windows 7 Home Premium and has a 23 inch Samsung Display for a beautiful picture. I love Samsung monitors they last forever and have the brightest picture.

The machine was amazingly fast when I first built it and would boot up in about 30 seconds. Now 4 years later and after many software installs and uninstalls, the machine has slowed down a bit. It boots up in a minute and a half but then seems to run quick when doing other things. I am in the middle of backing up data and moving data for my wife over to a new laptop. Once I get her stuff over I will see if I should wipe it or just clean it up a bit. I have gone through so far and removed a lot of software that I dont use anymore. It seems to have helped but I think it could be better. I wonder if that is going to change with Windows 8. I have windows 8 on a laptop and I wonder how it will be in 3 months, 6 months a year later.

I do enjoy this desktop but I sometimes wonder if I would be able to get all my work done with a laptop and eliminate this all together.

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