Saturday, May 25, 2013

In the IT Department 1 level support can feel like all level support

When the phone rings at a company help desk, the It person knows the person on the other end has a problem and needs it fixed. But that is all they know. They must be prepared for a range of emotions that could come pouring out on the other end of the phone. You will run into all types of issues on the helpdesk and people will have many different ways to express their frustration at a problem they are having.
Besides being able to quickly diagnose the issue and resolve it, a helpdesk person may also have to be empathetic to the person having the problem. They may be on the phone and be almost in tears because something they have worked on for a long time has suddenly disappeared. Now you have to keep them calm while trying to figure out where the file was and what they were doing when it vanished. Sometimes you answer the phone and are greeted with an angry question about why windows acts like a dick and won't let the person do something they have always done before. Now you have to keep them calm and rant free while you figure out what command windows does not like the person to try to run.
Sometimes you will answer a call and it is something that is totally out of your realm and has to go to the higher level of support, but they are out to lunch.... So now you have to try to keep the person calm and explain they can't speak to the person who can help them right now.... Do you try to attempt to see if you can help? What do you do to even begin to look at something you are not sure of? You have to have your good set of skills ready to have a good starting point. You always should remember to start with the simple things first. Many times that is a good place to start and will get a resolution quickly without having to go to far into the troubleshooting bag.
It is also good to pay attention to details when looking over a problem. Many times you can find something that is not being done right like good antivirus protection or they have a toolbar enabled that blocks pop ups they need. Now you resolved the initial problem and you can point this out to them and help them with what other items you find. So you help them update their antivirus or you turn their automatic updates on. Now your the best help desk person ever and that person wants you to help them every time. And the only thing you did was point out some simple things you know can help keep the computer running well for them.
When your on the help desk if you pay attention and have some empathy, you can excel at the position and your users will love getting you on the phone to help them.

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